The Music Industry Is in a Stand Still – Old Bands Play New Shows – Who Will Be the Next Big Sound?

In an effort to discover the next fresh large, world changing sound I presumed I would start with Aggitated Pearl. Many people that are connected with all the music industry today think it is in an stand still and almost nothing brand new is truly coming forwards like the”Grunge days” from Nirvana into Candlebox. I talked to Jeffrey Michael III the other day who’s the lead singer of Aggitated Pearl to see exactly what his thoughts have been on Music now. The Band is from Ft. Lauderdale Florida and therefore are one of the terrific bands that have come out of there on recent years. I Am Speaking about Marilyn Manson and The Spooky Kids to Nonpoint Simply to name just two since there are lots of South Florida Bands to create it in the National and International spotlight. Aggitated Pearl is fronted by Jeffrey Michael III and Troy Dovey naijavibe. You can find many who think their noise can make no sense. They are a band that you may certainly not placed into almost any 1 category however their lyrics and noise seem to run deep by many young teenagers. I spoke to Jeffrey Michael III through call last week to get the scoop about what’s occurring together with his band today.

JM:”I had a night time so I am up writing.”

CC:”So let me know exactly what do you really think Aggitated Pearl certainly can perform right now to help the music industry because as you know many believe it is in a stand still?”

JM:”Troy and I never fail to stay in touch and the dialog came up as we’ve obtained all of the rights to our amazing music library out of the record tag and I won’t mention that, however we’d any severe differences on what things to release our advent album or papers. Long story shortwe said screw it we just will not perform (concert events ) or interviews so basically they let us go later years of contending now we possess our vast music library. Inside our library there’s a whole lot of new music that people think will alter the audio Industry. I spoke to Javier (A.K.A. Ley fifty four ) one other afternoon our guitar player and he said he wishes to experimentation using some new songs involving guitar riffs who have not been done ahead and he wants to start recording them very soon. Troy mentioned,”There is absolutely a match to be played with Aggitated Pearl for sure.” We consented on bringing Javier directly into album from the studio in the mean time we will send the music by means of the internet and I’ll do vocals the following (In Texas) and Javier will do his brand new scratch (new ideas) guitar components in Puerto Rico and send the files to Troy from Ft. Lauderdale so we’re taking good advantage of today’s technology as soon as that’s accomplished we can all get together in the studio and pull it all together. We believe we have a very distinct sound that crosses all genres for example at times some classical factors and we all intend to bring all to the forefront of the music.”

CC:”So exactly what are your objectives?”

JM:” We shall do 3

new tunes and stay true now more than ever to your distinct audio”

CC:”So what would be your ideas on today’s music as many think it is in a rut or not new in any way?”

JM:”The industry is currently at a stand still for sure nothing is actually occurring at okay now and it’s really all exact uninteresting. When you have a guy from England about the”Good Morning America” reveal that has no group in any way behind him and individuals are sleeping during nighttime to watch him at 9:00 pm it is just a crazy consideration to see because the audio goes definitely no where. This really is one of the reasons we’re going back in to the studio is while there is nothing on the market right now that’s new and fresh. I can say something similar regarding the movie industry, everything artwork is in a stand still.” We believe that we have some serious songs to put that may change new music platform. I know the tag knew it if we were with us and we know it now, so we intend to get our footprint inmotion so to speak.

CC:”What do you guys have in store for your not too distant future?”

JM:”Funny you consult because we are taking a look at the right today and it appears that this coming winter in December or January of 2018 we will start doing some live shows. By then we hope everybody else around all of mediums enjoys the music we discharge ”

CC:”We shall find whether it’s possible to come up with something new and I thank you very much for speaking for me now.”

JM:”No problem and thank you we expect everyone requires a liking to our newest material and I look forward to speaking for you again.”

I am going to be interviewing a few rings in search of the brand new audio we listeners may tag and revel in. Aggitated Pearl has yet to prove into this earth their sound is the most suitable choice for many people. Idon’t know that will soon be the next”Nirvana” however I will keep trying.


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